Been feeling blue for the past few months… Sometimes I wish I could save myself. #Pintura

Fell in Love with this piece of Art !!! #Pintura. -GustavoInutero

💪💪💪. @flashkickwill #fitness #gym

Oh Laaawd she can really get it.

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Happy 23 to my brother M. 🎉🎉. “Dont be good my Nigga be great!”

LIFE IS GOOD! || #zara #sneakersByMartinMargiela #Paris #WhiteJeansDontCatchStainsNigga


Good times. @fklouis aka Louis the 13th.

20 something…. Building Blocks. ||. Serviced Office Building.

Accra one Summertime. || Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends @osbaeta !!! God bless you. #YouCantBuyThisTypeofHumble. #2012PlatesonThatE320 #everyTypeofBenz #hedoesnthaveabarberEVER 🎉🎉🎉🎉🙏

Fanyogo & Gold Chains. Happy 23 to this overspoiled nigga. #myNiggaSince13. @itsthezee

This was the last time ever in my life I ever took a taxi anywhere with @itsthezee It rained on us on our way back and she swore never to hang with me again running my errands if i dont buy a car. Do you have women in your life who threaten you to motivate you? @itsthezee . Happy 23. Life !!!

Happy Birthday Zita ! @itsthezee